Japanese girls dating culture

They were all super enthused that I was trying to learn the language and culture, and her father strongly implied that he wanted his daughter and I to be long-term.

It didn't seem to bother him in the least that I was a skinny white guy.

In addition to the awkwardness, it wouldn't be fun to go in and practically read their minds as they wonder, "What happened to Being in that store, surrounded by men who turn silent and watch me like hawks and definitely talk about me when I leave, makes me very uncomfortable.

I figured that going through with this date would just entangle me further in this situation that I really didn't like. I was in High school for my final year, and I looked old enough to go to bars so I did.

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What stuck with me was how sex was different - the woman was expected to be totally disengaged and submissive, but not even submissive in the way that western porn stars are.

I'm not proud, but I've done this here in the USA.

I was young, and I didn't want to seem like a bitch for turning a guy down in front of his family and co-workers.

Seems like it would take the spontaneity out of things, doesn't it?

Edit: Found the original, by a livejournal user named Supacat: link I want to give some contrast to the folks saying that Japanese parents generally aren't cool with their children dating foreigners.