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When news of Justin Trudeau’s holiday visit to a private Caribbean island leaked out, the prime minister’s political opponents were quick to label the vacation a conflict of interest.That’s because the Aga Khan, the island’s owner and a respected religious leader who presides over a network of charities, also runs a foundation that receives millions from the Canadian government.

That’s not true of many western European countries.”Does the Aga Khan have any connections to Toronto? Toronto’s Aga Khan Museum opened in 2014 to promote knowledge of Islamic culture and art., features artifacts from the war-torn country.

Followers of the sect have been without a homeland, since, and have often been persecuted.

Today most Ismailis accept that the Aga Khan is their 49th Imam and a direct descendant of Muhammad. In 2013, Vanity Fair described the Aga Khan’s global charity network as a “staggeringly large and effective organization,” akin to “his own UN …

Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini, Aga Khan IV, is the spiritual leader of the world’s 15 million Ismailis, who follow a branch of Shia Islam.

He is also a philanthropist who runs one of the world largest private charities — the Aga Khan Development Network. Forbes magazine listed him as among the world’s 10 richest royals in 2010, with a fortune of 0 million.