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“I tried to be as close to a journalist in recording this re-creation,” Spielberg writes in the accompanying pamphlet.A behind-the-scenes featurette would only destroy the illusion.All proceeds go to helping us bring you the ambitious journalism that brought you here in the first place. Each week, we’ll select the best letters and publish them in a new letters to the editor feature on the Scroll.

A decade after Click here for access to comments COMMENTING CHARGES Daily rate: Monthly rate: Yearly rate: 0 WAIT, WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY TO COMMENT?Instead of the usual extras, we get a 10-minute commercial for the Shoah Foundation, and continues to play to sold-out audiences, Holocaust humor hardly seems taboo, but mocking Hitler isn’t the same as satirizing survivors.In the final episode of the third season, Larry hires and then hesitates to fire a Tourettic chef, mostly because he appears to have a number tattooed on his arm.The conversation quickly devolves into a competition: COLBY: We had very little rations, no snacks. For all the outrage their behavior provokes, they might as well have made out at an actual concentration camp.“I for one will not allow my daughter to be involved with someone of such weak moral fiber,” her father tells Jerry.Later Larry learns it had only been the chef’s lottery number, jotted down in pen and easily rubbed away.The joke is on Larry—along with the audience—for making an assumption about the chef and treating him differently because of it.From the first day he arrived in Nicaragua, the most popular player to never win one of reality TV’s toughest games had his work cut out for him.Deliberately and patiently, he forged relationships with those who were gunning for him and made bold decisions when he needed to (read: deceived allies), all the while playing an impressive physical game and staying strong mentally despite being isolated from his life in Florida for 39 days.Colby Donaldson, one of the stars of the reality series and a friend of Larry’s rabbi, captures the attention of family and friends with his stories of deadly snakebites in the Australian outback. It’s a situation as twisted as Colby and Solly at the same dinner table, and not only because Spielberg and David approach the Holocaust from opposite ends of the artistic spectrum.Suddenly, a withered man with a glass eye interrupts. You never even suffered one minute in your life compared to what I went through,” says Solly, a friend of Larry’s father. A promo on the DVD touts the latest documentary project of the Shoah Foundation, established by Spielberg with proceeds from in which Jerry gets caught making out with a girlfriend during the movie.

Is colby donaldson dating anyone