Intimidating police cars Virtual world chat and sex

Another past time, one of our illustrious police chiefs from out of town, decided the cars should have the location of assignment placed in red on the back doors.

Bad guys, sock with rock in hand, ready to bust a car window, sees a car pull up to a stop sign with, “Recruitment” on the side in blazing red and… They see a car pull up that reads, “Sixth District Task Force” or “Street Crimes Unit”, Or “Tactical”, or “Special Forces”, and they run, or at least chill out and leave.

So, in my humble op, if a cop looks like he can and will kick your a**, a bad guy will think twice. Just surviving…Edit: My whole unit used to tell the officer on the left to STOP smiling for police photos.

Can’t tell you how many times a ‘bad guy’ looked at the date of a graduation, saw it was last year and figured, “I can take this rookie”, and tried."I would estimate over 200,000 Crown Victoria Police Interceptors are still in operation.They will be rotating out of service as the agencies replacement them with new Police Interceptors.Instantly, a tingling sensation of fear spreads from head to toe, and a wandering mind ensues - an ugly ticket that will cause higher monthly insurance payments is 15 minutes away.However, unlike in yesteryear when cops would approach wrongdoers with wimpy looking cars that looked like they could be outrun, many police departments are wielding a secret weapon in 2014, a true beast on four wheels: the Ford (F) Interceptor.I'm driving it through rush-hour Detroit traffic, with fully operational lights and sirens right there at my fingertips.The temptation to push buttons is overwhelming, but my desire to not be charged with felony impersonation of a police officer continues to win out, thankfully.Not only will the visual appearance of the vehicle, along with its blinding, flashing front bar lights freak you out during a pull over, the vehicle (the Interceptor's competitors are the Dodge Charger from Chrysler and the Caprice from General Motors (GM)) is so visually intimidating that it makes you think twice about passing it doing 5mph over the speed limit on a busy highway.Obviously, this intimidation factor is the main point. That being said, things can be taken a bit too far. Personally, I think the police should look ‘effective and capable’ without looking too intimidating.