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Remember, friends lead to more friends, and yes, more new women too. Try improv, cooking, photography, music lessons, dancing, yoga/fitness classes, etc.

Most of the guys who really struggle meeting women have one common problem: They don’t ever leave the house or office!Or, they get so buried in their phones that they shut the rest of the world out. Want to avoid chasing women and reeking of desperation?If you want to meet women you must stop being so distracted. Read below: Regardless of the day or time, women are out and about, everywhere, attending a whole host of social events from religious functions to volunteer work, shopping trips, etc.Women notice when a men gets rejected, even if he’s half away across the room. However, most guys don’t have a large enough emotional bank account to handle that much rejection, especially in one single night.Most guys keep trying over and over, and by the end of the night their heads hung down low and they reek of desperation. Why go through all of that, let alone deal with all the competition if you don’t have to? In places like the mall, book store, coffee shop, and so on.To them, hanging out in these spots equates to one thing: A wasted weekend. Let’s face it, you can be as judgmental as the guys who aren’t bold enough to go to them.Or you can give these places a try, and see how just how easy to meet women. For your sake, I hope you venture out to them with an open mind and start thinking outside of the box.The men who are successful play a great game, and unfortunately most men can’t even compete on their level.Now, while there’s success in numbers, don’t fool yourself.Let’s face it, just by being there you have something in common before you even begin to strike up a conversation.Of course, many are adventurers or simply looking to meet new people along their travels too.