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And second, we'll explore Matthew's personal history.

Let's start with the traditional view that this gospel was written by Matthew.

A lot of people ask the question, "Why do I need to know all of this contextual stuff about the Bible?

Can't I just read the Bible in a good English translation and figure out what it means?

And so, our task, in many cases, is to discern who this author is and what his culture is so that we can get some more light from the broader culture and history so that we can fill in some of these assumptions and given realities. James Hamilton] We'll discuss the background of Matthew's gospel in three steps.

First, we'll speak of Matthew as the author of the work.

Thirdly, if the early church were going to associate the name of someone with this gospel for anything other than historical reasons, just make up a name, or just pick one of the apostles out of a hat, to attach to this book, they made a poor choice with Matthew. He followed a profession that was absolutely despised by the Jewish people.

And yet Matthew's gospel is a gospel that is written to a Jewish audience, trying to convince them that Jesus is the Messiah.

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So, they didn't realize that the tall man dressed in a flannel shirt and a railroad cap was actually the king of Belgium.

From one perspective, the Gospel of Matthew tells a similar story.

And third, we'll look at some major themes in Matthew's gospel.

Let's begin with the background of the Gospel According to Matthew.