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Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) visited Ora Sure Technologies, which recently announced that it is developing a Zika test based on its Ora Quick platform.

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Even in situations where we are testing at the hospital, you can sit in the waiting room and easily administer the test." The simplicity and convenience of the Intercept® test has allowed USAMDT of Houston to implement testing in locations where it is needed most.The Association conducts drug screening for a variety of circumstances, including random, post-accident testing, reasonable suspicion and return to duty.While urine testing historically has been used by organizations of a similar size, the benefits of implementing Intercept® have been significant."The ability to directly observe the sample collection process without the use of a bathroom has kept the dignity of the donors intact," said Tona Trondsen, CPCT, president of USAMDT of Houston."Additionally, oral fluid is capable of detecting very recent marijuana use as compared to urine, which is becoming increasingly important given the new laws involving medical and legalized marijuana use." One of USAMDT's largest Houston clients is a membership organization of ship owners, operators and agents, as well as stevedoring, and terminal companies located in all Texas ports and the Port of Lake Charles, Louisiana.Prior to implementing Intercept®, Dunwoody Village relied on urine-based testing, a method that was time consuming, provided limited control to the organization and its administrators, and didn’t incorporate the element of surprise that on-site testing provides.The background checks, appointments, tests and paper work required for employment already take at least 9 days due to the requirement for a two-step PPD test so the on-site testing doesn’t add one more potential delay to our onboarding process.This is a cost savings to the employers in employee downtime and liability of going to a clinic for a retest."We have witnessed so many benefits through the implementation of Intercept®, and when choosing a testing method, the dignity of the donors was very important to us," said Trondsen.The Intercept® Oral Fluid Drug Test is non-invasive and can be administered in any location, anytime, eliminating the need for private bathrooms and same-sex test administrators.And because the collection is not done behind closed doors, sample tampering or adulteration is virtually impossible.