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For example, I just signed up with a service a couple of months ago where the 30-day trial period had a full feature set of their specific service.Giving credit card information in this kind of circumstance seems like a great way to evaluate the service.Unless you have a ton of cash at your disposal, you’ll probably need credit at some point.Whether you’re buying a home, car or other big-ticket item, most lenders look at your credit score first.But, if the cardholder is less responsible, your credit score could take a hit.

Give the providers a call and request they report your account activity to the three major credit bureaus, Trans Union, Experian and Equifax.

There are pros and cons to becoming an authorized user.

If the cardholder has a strong credit background, signing on as an authorized user will enable his or her stellar behavior to improve your credit profile somewhat.

Do this only if you have responsible payment habits, as payment history accounts for 35 percent of your credit FICO score, the most commonly used credit score.

This history can have a significant impact on your score if there is not a lot of other data in your credit report.