Free adult virtual world

Our sellers will have the choice of selling their content using either our virtual currency (Kitely Credits), which can be used only inside our service, or using real money which will be deposited to their Pay Pal account automatically. IT: We had decided early on to make sure that kids can use Kitely safely, without being subjected to the adult content that is common in most virtual worlds that support user-generated content.We're currently offering a promotion for content creators who upload content to the upcoming marketplace before it opens; for more information see our Virtual Worlds Market early-bird promotion. Each user and virtual world have a maturity rating, and we don't allow users to see virtual worlds that aren't appropriate for them.This is a feature that is unbelievable to me when compared to Second Life's 0.00 a month fee for owning the same amount of pixel property on their servers. After all, all that empty space needs to be filled with something.

Due to the on-demand nature of our system you can easily create worlds at any time: there are no setup costs or delays.__GM: What exciting new upcoming features will Kitely be implementing soon?

For example, we replaced Open Sim's inventory and asset services with our own cloud-based systems, which improve performance significantly.

We also added a feature called Advanced Megaregions, which allows creating very large virtual worlds that have no lag when moving between different regions (parts) of the world.

I kept an eye on the Virtual World options that were cropping up over the years, anxious to find a substitute with better pricing, updated technology but with that feeling we had in the early days of Second Life.

We were pixel revolutionaries, virtual pioneers working together to create something special.