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When entering numerical data in Excel, it helps to format it according to the type of data it is. percentage, currency, date, or text—helps drive consistency and accuracy in displaying and working with your data.If you know from the get-go what format your data should be in, it’s relatively simple to choose a number format for the entire column before entering your data.NO changes in col D and com E, related option already been set.How do I copy a cell without CR and LF being appended to end?IF function: Why does Calc automatically change TRUE/FALSE to 1/0?[closed] How to 'drag-copy' a formula to the same row and modify (only) the row parameter (and vice versa)?

Is there a way to fix this preferably from the SAS session ?

The only way to "jumpstart" the formula is to either manually enter the formula cell or to use Application. Neither of these methods are viable solutions if you want a reliable way to do reporting with

I suspect that the formula is failling to update because PROC EXPORT and the libname engine do not actually invoke Excel, they modify the files directly, and they fail to set a "in-need-of-recalculation" flag in the affected cells.

You type a formula in a cell, then you press ENTER. To fix this error and get back the values (or results) just press CTRL ` again or click on the “Show formulas button” You may have set the cell formatting to “Text” and then typed the formula in it.

You check if a donut chunk went in to the key board and some how jammed the ENTER key. When you do it, excel shows the formulas instead of their results.