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One visitor to the camp, who was allowed in only after the inmates had been told to make themselves scarce in order to preserve their quarantined status, noticed that one of the sleeping areas has been fitted with a camera. “I would say ‘no’, probably, it is not that kind of programme,” says series editor Liz Foley.“If someone falls in love I am much more interested in that than people having sex. “Am I going to take a shot of everyone running into the sea skinny dipping?On the Ardnamurchan estate there is not an apple tree in sight. You also get double the channel bandwidth, with 80MHz‑wide channels providing more room for more data to flow faster than ever.As Channel 4 made clear when it first announced the series: “With no prescribed infrastructure the group will take in with them only what they can carry and the basics needed to kick-start their experience.

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It offers a simple insight, what would the world look like if we started again?“We don’t want to see anything being built there that shouldn’t be there,” said the Highland Council’s Donnie Kerr.“Apart from that I am remarkably relaxed about this.These included letters and photos, alcohol, tobacco, a shower head and… Which brings us to the question of the producers’ attitude towards intimacy.Given that all the volunteers are single apart from Raphael, a 55-year-old carpenter who is married with grown-up children, the chances are that relationships are likely to form between some members.All too often they involve participants taking on contrived challenges cooked up by the producers (I’m A Celebrity), Hooray Henrys spouting nonsense to Sloane Rangers (Made In Chelsea) or people drinking lots of booze, arguing and having sex (Big Brother).But Eden, a new Channel 4 series starting this month, promises to be the real thing.The last time something like this was attempted, in the series Castaway (2000), the participants were provided with eco-pods to live in, received regular letters from home, were entitled to one visit by loved ones and had regular contact with the show’s producers.But Eden promises to be the most extreme reality TV show yet.Before finalising the arrangements they had to overcome objections from a number of people living nearby who were worried that filming could spoil an area of natural beauty, damage wildlife, cause pollution and have a negative impact on the local economy.But KEO Films, which is making the series for Channel 4, managed to win over local councillors and obtain the necessary permissions.