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Our abilities to understand people rationally is usually enough to make the INFJs feel really satisfied about both themselves and us.This is really fulfilling for ENTJs who rely on a sharp mind to achieve things.They often know and understand a lot with the perspectives ENTJs bring to the table, only that they don’t have the heart to do things in cold logic.So, anyway, here are some noteworthy things to consider: Push & Pull Relationship ENTJs are about pushing boundaries, pushing things to the limits, exploding them.What I do notice of the INFJs are that these people tend to be self-conflicted, which, I admit, I might have considered to be boring if I was a bit younger.ENTJs are obsessed with people who are sensible (the INFJs will most likely fall in love with your way of thinking in no time, will find your decisiveness overwhelming and admirable and mysterious and exciting).ENTJs’ obsession with loyalty too will make INFJs more easily consider ENTJs as someone potentially trustworthy.As much as the ENTJs are often “wanting” in the emotional area, they actually will feel supremely fulfilled when they do feel and that people react well to it (reciprocated as intensely), which isn’t easy when we interact with other fellow x NTxs.

I would say that the ENTJs are the closest of all the x NTxs in terms of feeling many things intensely at a rate that is much quicker than all the other x NTxs.

It’s just that, I’m at this stage of life where I think some form of contradiction makes things beautiful, not so much because I got involved with her, but more like I think I could get involved because I was prepared to appreciate such a beauty.

For instance, the philosopher Thomas Hobbes is famous for preaching about men behaving with pure self-interest but then described his generosity towards charity from time to time as the need to fulfil his own soul that craves for an act of selfless kindness.

In this order of magnitude: ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, INTP.

ENTJs are the ones who spend most of their lives struggling to repress their emotions, after all.