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Meanwhile, people in Western Europe are more accepting.Roughly 10% or fewer in Germany, France, and Spain say premarital sex is morally unacceptable.Explore the individual country responses for all these values on the following pages.You can sort by country, region, or response category.For each issue, respondents were asked whether this is morally acceptable, morally unacceptable, or not a moral issue.The chart below displays the median responses for each question across the 40 countries.To make the website function properly and to serve the login functionality.

People in predominantly Muslim nations overwhelmingly agree that engaging in sex before marriage is unacceptable, with nine-in-ten or more in Indonesia, Jordan, Pakistan, the Palestinian territories, Turkey and Egypt believing this.

Generally, older people (those aged 50 or over) are more critical of premarital sex.

Alcohol usage is frowned upon by people in many of the predominantly Muslim countries surveyed.

A median of about six-in-ten people across 40 nations say that gambling is unacceptable.

Fully 95% of Pakistanis hold this view and big majorities deem the practice unacceptable across much of the Middle East and Africa. Gambling is generally less acceptable to those aged 50 or over and women across much of the globe.