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Through careful examination of the building blocks of synthesis, we gain a deeper understanding of the complex sounds we hear on our favorite tracks, as well those inside our heads.

In addition to the lessons, you may take advantage of one-on-one remote study sessions with our in-house team of producers, to further develop the sound in your head. Learn more about LESSON 6: Composition and Song Structure MIDI, or Musical Instrument Digital Interface, has been the default language of electronic musical instruments for over thirty years.Understanding a few of these rules can go a long way in learning how to break them in new, exciting ways!At the Recording Connection, you’ll exercise these concepts while producing a project of your own, in your home studio.Harnessing sound and acoustical energy is a lifelong journey.One-on-one with your mentor, you’ll sharpen your sonic awareness as it relates to real-world recording sessions, inside a professional environment. Waveform Characteristics Hearing Chapter Quiz Blog Entry Learn more about LESSON 2: Fundamentals I: Sound and Hearing In this lesson, we move forward on our journey through sound, examining the underlying principles of audio and signal flow in the electrical realm (analog) as well as inside the computer (digital).We’ll get you up to speed with your new instrument, which happens to be the most powerful DAW on the planet.At the Recording Connection, tutors are standing by to assist with your workflow, address specific issues, and show you all the ways in which you might customize your Logic environment as well as your home studio to fit your needs as a producer. Objectives History of Logic Setting Up Your Studio Logic System Requirements Installing Logic Logic UI Walkthrough…In today’s age, new tools and ideologies to music making are introduced every five minutes.Understanding the manipulation of audio as the tools evolve over time is a trait shared by the most successful in this industry.The beat is the driving force behind a vast majority of repertoire in electronic music.In this chapter, we will discuss the impact that the drum machine and drum software have had on society, as well as how computer drum technology has allowed us producers, composers, and engineers to re-create actual drum grooves synthetically.