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Jeon Jeongguk is a rising talent at Bangtan Sonyeondan, one of the best protection service agencies in Seoul, but his new assignment is going to test his abilities and his patience, especially since he can't stand idols.I'm Min Yoongi and I have a pretty interesting story for you. A werewolf saves a merman from being captured...a demon trapped by a witch for potion needs...a vampire with a deadly curse...a fairy who finds a severely wounded elf.If he gets a bad reputation from the start he will be doomed. He doesn't speak a word of English and Yoongi really wants some of his cookies.Desperately enough to call Hoseok, who, conveniently knows Korean.Bangtan Sonyeondan rules Seoul and the rest of South Korea and has kept the peace for 3 years, but now a rival gang, Exo, has threatened to break the peace and dragged innocent Park Jimin into a world he never wanted to see.“Oh please, we both know werewolves are better.” Jimin stated with Jungkook nodding in agreement.

”“The usual.”Seokjin wipes his hands on the counter cloth and comes around the counter to give the man a hug.“Bad day?Written for Lilsherlockian1975 this is my take on how Sherlock reacted when Molly was bullied at work...hint, it doesn't go well for the bully, but it does lead to Sherlock acknowledging his feelings for his pathologist.One this is certain though, Sherlock isn't all he seems to be.”“..”or-Everyone brings their problems to Seokjin’s cafe, and maybe, just maybe, they can find their solution they need here.It’s a beautiful, tangled mess— of seven hearts, seven souls, and seven people. the day in the life of the boys days in high has a crush Jungkook is a bright eyed freshman determined to kick high schools ass Jimin is a little too focused on his studiesnamjoon gains six new friends for lifeyoongi struggles with his senior yearhoseok frets over his relationship with yoongiand taehyung hides his huge ass crush on jimin from everyone The life of a Kpop idol is anything but ordinary, something Park Jimin knows all too well, but when it takes a frightening turn his company makes the decision to protect him at all costs by hiring the best bodyguard they can find.His job is that of creating Namjoon’s first music video. Jimin and Yoongi are in LA for the summer to promote their new EP, and to make new connections for their future releases.The artist, and front figure is Jimin, and Yoongi produces for him.Park Jimin needs to think and what better place to do that, than sit in the Louvre and think about his life.As a french actor, as a human being and as part of a cluster with eight other people.However, his life takes a strange turn when Jeongguk comes along.Jeongguk owns a small You Tube channel that has great potential: Golden Closet Films.