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A website that features film scripts of movies that are rewritten in a mocking manner for comedic effect. Tobey Maguire: So we've taken this group of people that, for the most part, used to be very happy with their 50's lives..

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Bennet mentions Sir William and Lady Lucas in paragraph 24, but choice C is incorrect because, although she mentions them as a way to convince Mr. Bingley, the paragraphs are not chiefly about Sir William and Lady Lucas. Answer: B The correct answer choice is B, a goal, purpose, or intention. This choice is also incorrect because it uses the words not appropriate instead of inappropriate. Bennet's initial frustration and not her later excitement. Answer: B B is correct because the phrase If Jackson high adopts a dress code is a dependent clause that is followed by an independent clause. Choice C is incorrect because the word sick in paragraph 55 refers to Mrs. Choice D is incorrect because it only addresses Mrs.His ghost haunts the remainder of the play, and his name is invoked by both Cassius and Brutus before they commit suicide in the final act. She has a dream in which she sees a statue of Caesar bleeding from multiple wounds, and begs him to stay at home the day he is killed.Caesar ignores her and goes to the Senate House anyway. He is an idealist who upholds honor above everything else. Choice A is incorrect because the paragraph only describes Mrs. Choice C is incorrect because the paragraph does not have any dialogue. Bennet complains in paragraph 55 that she is sick of Mr. In paragraph 58, she changes her mind and is ecstatic that Mr. Choice A is incorrect because the word because would only be used if the dress code had already been adopted. Because there is no conjunction, these two clauses must be separated by a comma.Brutus and Cassius are chased out of the city in the ensuing chaos, and Antony forms the second triumvirate with Octavius and Lepidus. Octavius is a young general who joins the second triumvirate.He and Antony fight against Brutus and Cassius; he historically becomes the future emperor of Rome.Choice D is incorrect because it uses a semicolon instead of a comma. Answer: C C is correct because the phrase lighting up the sky is non-essential and should be separated from the rest of the sentence by a comma. While the number 280 could be written out, choice A is incorrect because it should be written as two hundred and eighty. Bingley once he moves into the neighborhood, but Mr.