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Look at the list of famous people here who had dyslexia and you will be amazed.The sad fact is that many people who struggle with dyslexia just give up because they are not helped or encouraged enough.Richard Ford and Albert Einstein are two inspiring examples of extremely gifted people who had the same problem, yet they made an enormous contribution to knowledge, literature and science.Dyslexia is not a measure of anyone’s intelligence. If you have noticed that there are problems with your child in processing letters, sounds, spelling and reading and maybe writing, then it may be time to get him/her tested.Dyslexia is all too often regarded as a stigmatizing label and there are many misconceptions about this minor learning disorder.If you love someone with dyslexia, you may well have come across some of these myths and stereotypes.For example, 83% of them were told just to ‘try harder’.

Most are written by non-dyslexics about dyslexics, whereas my books are written by dyslexics and by interviewing dyslexics (many from the beingdyslexic forum) about their experiences. I just checked it up on Amazon and it looks a bit pricy though.

I much prefer ' Counselling and Dyslexia' by Rosemary Scott.

It deals with many emotional effects of dyslexia that I and many dyslexics I know have experienced.

I came across this book recently: The Dyslexic Adult in a non-Dyslexic World by Ellen Morgan and Cynthia Klein Even looking at the title, I had a fairly good sense that it was going to be excelent. This is by far the best book I have read on dyslexia.

By 'best' I mean, it most perfectly describes the things I experience.

Dyslexics dating marriage and parenthood