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The members still haven’t been given an explanation as to why they are conducting the interviews.I don't believe that Culpepper would take the time to conduct these interviews just to visit and see how the members are doing on friendly basis.They are even found in his co-worker letters: Oct 29, 1967, February 25, 1968, and September 1, 1968.Liars and False Prophets: March 4, 2018 The letter of February 27, 2018 about King Flurry is as stated ridiculous, in fact absolutely ridiculous.

(See January 24, 2017 letter.) Culpepper's Visits Having Something to Do with PCG's Financial Situation: January 22, 2018 Cal Culpepper is also performing interviews with the PCG members, which can take as long as an hour or more.

GF says he venerates HWA, but he goes against what HWA said time and time again (reaching the "cities of Judah") and the members turn a deaf ear to it. Much of this has to do with the extreme control they are under.

--Impacted by loved one in PCG Comment: HWA many times boasted about going to the "cities of Judah" Notice his words in some of his co-worker letters; e.

Within the last several months, they've started sending the latest sermons from Edmond directly to the local contact person's cell phone (as you know, there are no CDs anymore).

They know exactly when the sermon is played to the congregation, and as soon as the sermon is played, it is automatically deleted from the phone.