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The second stage of the A9/A10 rocket was tested a few times in January and February 1945.The progenitor of the A9/A10 was the German V-2 rocket, also designed by von Braun and widely used at the end of World War II to bomb British and Belgian cities. Following the war, von Braun and other leading German scientists were relocated to the United States to work directly for the US Army through Operation Paperclip, developing the IRBMs, ICBMs, and launchers.""The high speeds of the warheads make them difficult to intercept and allow for little warning, striking targets many thousands of kilometers away from the launch site (and due to the possible locations of the submarines: anywhere in the world) within approximately 30 minutes."With the uncensored worldwide communication enabled by the Web, it's only a matter of time til predatory capitalist corporate practices like this are recognized by most of Earth's population.A sign of further erdoganization of what was once a respectable European organization fallen prey today to the megalomaniac ambitions of a ruthless president.-Techrights Bot-tr/#org | Article 52 – Patentable inventions - The European Patent Convention, Convention on the Grant of European Patents – (European Patent Convention), Part II – Substantive patent law, Chapter I – Patentability Don't be offended by my question, but did you write computer programs?

since got nice Jolla phone that should also srot out gain how I want it and do more with really, they had a crowd fudning campagain for a talet with an OS update as wel, the OS update came, but then issues with an investero, and so most of us have been re funded insteadand I think generally by home users/ consumers, that yes for most of them, lap tops and desktops are being used much less, and that's mostly since smart phones, but also since ipad's and other tablets for people with themso the idea of having tablet as a screen, connected to a bluetooh keyboard and mouse etc, may catch up on more with the generl public as time goes on, yep really turning it into a lap top basically, espeicaly with things like ubuntu convergence and microsoft continumit always looked intereting some how!

For me the issue is all about who controls my computer or device. I don't see Microsoft ever yielding control to their users.

It will always be Microsoft in control, and what they release in the name of "loving linux" will never ever cause control to leave Microsoft's hands.

So Microshit is digging its own grave with such actions."I don't see any other reaffirmation of their commitment to the community but to kill Linux.

They haven't given up yet and they are in the extend stage.