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The millenarian longing for a world where all systems are destroyed, all problems are solved, and everything is permissible – that’s dangerous whether it comes from Puritans or Communists. All she wants to do is make little tweaks – a better tax policy here, a new foreign policy doctrine there. Hillary represents complete safety from millennialism. Trump’s policy ideas are mostly silly, but no one cares, because he’s not really running on policy.These same conservatives have traced this longing through leftist history from Lenin through social justice. He’s running on making America great again, fighting the special interests, and defying the mainstream media.

Except that this is the final problem (the proof of this is trivial and is left as exercise for the reader) so the World-Spirit becomes fully incarnate and everything is great forever. Are you saying you know better than the World-Spirit, Comrade?

And since the lesson of Brexit is that polls underestimate support for politically incorrect choices, this is going to be really close.

And I don’t know if I’d go so far as Scott Aaronson, who worries that he will one day live in a nuclear hellscape where his children ask him “Daddy, why didn’t you blog about Trump? But if some of my blogging on conservative issues has given me any political capital with potential Trump voters, then I this is where I want to spend it.

He would come out and say “It is irresponsible to talk about how communist governments and economies will work.” He believed it was a scientific law, analogous to the laws of physics, that once capitalism was removed, a perfect communist government would form of its own accord.

There might be some very light planning, a couple of discussions, but these would just be epiphenomena of the governing historical laws working themselves out.