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In my most recent attempt, I was unable to meet someone. I just didn’t find anyone I clicked with, BUT that doesn’t mean you will have the same experience and I’m still happy to see additional free weekends roll around. That seems fair to me, plus if it was only new people that would mean you’d have less people to talk to during the free weekends. You might ask, if you could use the free communication over and over again then why ever sign up?

Please be advised if you have used the free weekend in the past you will still be able to do so again. And I think some people are able to use the service that way, which is fine if it works for them.

If you discover that some other people are already using the same photo is, you are looking at a fake account.

If you have found your match on social networks, take into account that fake profiles usually have few photos and almost no friends.

Make a Google search and check if the photos are real.

You can do a comprehensive image search and review a Facebook profile.

Unfortunately, any online dating venue that attracts a lot of people will attract scammers as well.You don’t need a credit card for this free communication weekend.If you create a free account (or log into your existing account) you can start the communication process at no cost.Log in or sign up at e Harmony to Try the Free Communication Event It only rolls around a few times a year, these free weekends. If you don’t like it, there aren’t any worries because you don’t have to buy.If you do like it then take it home with you…so to speak.It’s like Russian roulette, but I think you can make a deeper connection because you need to go beyond the physical, and use your intellect.Can’t hurt to try, and nothing to lose because it’s free.With that in mind, it’s important to watch the calendar: the free weekend may be longer than the weekend but it still comes to an end!From a personal perspective, I’ve been quick to try the free e Harmony weekend in the past.The big difference is where you can test drive a car most days, these test drives only come around every now and again.The only drawback you may not like is the fact that you can not see your matches photos unless, of course, you pay for the site.