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Success only came when they realised that although the farmers would be massively better off in future the initial cost and disruption was too off-putting.

In this book, INSEAD professors Karan Girota and Serguei Netessine provide a framework for BMI, based on the active control of two key sources of business risk, ‘information risk’ and ‘incentive alignment risk.’ Risks increase when decisions about business model designs are made without enough information or when incentives are at odds with the broader goals of the organization.Whereas business model innovation (BMI), a much more predictable and relatively cost-free undertaking, can have equal if not more impact on business success and sustainability.A recent BMI was deployed by Tesla Motors when it launched its scheme to allow electric car drivers to swap batteries at filling stations.Hardback or Ebook "I never miss Developing Leaders…a sophisticated source of new thinking around leadership development." - Michelle Quest, Partner, KPMG LLP A cross-discipline approach to the art and science of leadership, with research, analysis, opinion and practical advice from the world’s foremost business thinkers and practitioners.These two successful business models were built on information in sectors were others have slipped behind due to the risk of inadequate information.Incentive alignment risk can occur in healthcare systems where doctors are compensated per procedure rather than for achieving broader goals.Dell’s business model depends on receiving orders from customers and only then producing stock.Zara asks its front-line store managers to research what is hot on the street then rapidly delivers what shoppers really wanted.The exciting thing about BMI is that it does not involve specialist designers or creative geniuses but can and should involve people from across the whole organization, and it is not a one-off event but should be a continual adaptive process, a core part of the organisation’s culture.This important book is a must-read guide for start-up entrepreneurs and even more so for corporate executives in need of a disruptive business model.