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Those two groups might as well have sired Mumford & Sons during a one-night stand at Bonnaroo, and I have to believe they both would have a shot at crossover success if they released the right single right now. Sometimes it veers toward jam-band status (DMB), sometimes teeny bopper guitar-slinging (Jason Mraz), sometimes goofy gimmick pop (Barenaked Ladies), but it always seems to persist on the pop charts.

Whoever manages Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros should be leaning hard on radio programmers right now, too. Now bands like Mumford and the Lumineers are fulfilling that role, but they’re also becoming the latest installment of the whole “indie goes mainstream”/”mainstream co-opts indie” thing that’s been happening since Seth Cohen’s heyday — or, you know, since Don Draper married Megan.

Folk-rock — even inspirational folk-rock of the Mumford variety — is not a sound I expect to hear from an institution founded on wind-beneath-my-wings diva bluster.

Every weathered vocal run is a pivot point, every acoustic strum a litmus test.Known for its edgy racial humor, running gags and catchphrases, the series was adapted by Norman Lear and considered NBC's answer to CBS's All in the Family.Sanford and Son has been hailed as the precursor to many other African American sitcoms.The incessant shopping trips start to make your life feel like a single, unbroken stream of home-furnishings-related commerce when you reach a certain age and all your friends get married.So I’m not sure when or why I was in a mall parking lot with my wife when I first heard “Home” on the radio this year.It’s a wonder that a band in the Mumford mold could survive in this climate, let alone thrive. Did Mumford and the Lumineers really just barnstorm the charts out of nowhere, or did they benefit from some trailblazing?One event that springs to mind is Arcade Fire’s Album Of The Year win at the Grammys last year.Speaking of the Avetts, they surely had a hand in establishing the lung-busting dress-up folk demographic.So did their bookish counterparts the Decemberists.My brain probably generated a few alternate origin stories for “Home,” but none of them involved winners have a checkered history where actual pop stardom is concerned, but it wasn’t surprising to hear this year’s champ on the radio.The surprise was just that a fresh-faced Georgia boy like Phillips would be on the radio sounding like a bunch of fervid Englishmen who dress up like Jack White in ’s Season 11 coronation song by Drew Pearson and Greg Holden, seems scientifically engineered to replicate the Mumford & Sons formula.