Dating someone with chronic depression

Patience is also key, whether that means listening to your partner vent or when they are going through a bad day (or week or month or even year). On top of that, SSRIs (a class of drugs used to treat depression) can cause libido to drop. This lack of libido might only be temporary, and after all, sex (or even just cuddling) releases hormones that make you feel good.

While this doesn’t happen to everyone on meds, it’s a very real side effect. And that's never a bad thing—when both of you are ready and willing, of course.10. Ariana Grande lyrics aside, people suffering from depression probably need extra TLC, because they are super hard on ourselves.

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Plus, your partner will probably think it’s super thoughtful that you did your homework.

Low self-esteem basically comes with the territory. Your partner might not believe you or take the remarks to heart at first, but every little piece of kindness counts, and can help build them up to eventually have a good self-image. You have to love someone and be willing to take the good with the bad in a relationship like this, but, hey, that's kind of true of all relationships, you know?

The lows will be pretty low, but there will also be incredible highs with a partner you love in a relationship that's taken a lot of work, making those highs feel super well-earned.

Relationships are hard, and they’re even harder when you or your partner’s mood isn’t in check.

Though mental illness, especially depression, is scarily common in America, there is still a stigma attached to it.