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All licensing related operations can be performed from the Organization Licenses are sold based on the specific model of device, so for example an MS220-24 will require a separate license from an MS220-8.

This applies even to Po E vs non-Po E versions of devices and Wireless vs non-Wireless versions for MX devices.

Note: The Organization Co-termination date does not depend on the current device count, but rather the license limit.

Removing devices from a Network or Organization will not impact the Co-termination date.

The number of devices in an Organization can not exceed the License Limits, if this occurs the Organization will enter a 30 day Grace Period during which the Organization must be brought back in compliance.All current Cisco Meraki products require valid licensing to operate.This article describes how Cisco Meraki licensing operates and applies to an Organization.The only other time an Organization will enter this 30 day Grace Period would be if it's licensing has expired by passing the Co-term date.If this occurs the only way to bring it back into licensing compliance is through the purchase of additional licensing.To calculate how licenses impact each other in an Organization, check out the License Calculator.To see a more detailed explanation and the exact calculations that are used to determine Co-term dates, please refer to our detailed Co-term Explanation page.Should the Organization not be brought back into Compliance it will be shut down until proper licensing is applied to the Organization.Should an Organization enter the 30 day Grace Period because of exceeding device License Limits it can be brought back into compliance either by removing devices from Networks within the Organization or through purchasing additional licensing.For example, if one network has 1x MX65 and 2x MR33, and a second network has 1x MS220-8P and 1x MR52, the Current Device Count for that Organization would be 1x MX65, 1x MS220-8P, and 3x APs.Note: All MR and MV series devices are grouped under the same respective licensing group.