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Take full advantage of the free trial as well before deciding if Lavalife is right for you, as subscriptions are not refundable.In order to get the most out of your Lavalife experience, we recommend you use a display picture which focuses on your face and a genuine smile.Functions on Lavalife: There were a couple frustrations in completing our profile, but the profiles provided lots of information.

Although customer service representatives were ready and available, they weren’t all that knowledgeable which tainted the experience.

You can even see who’s online at the moment if they have a green dot in the upper left corner of their display picture.

Clicking on a profile brought it to a side bar, where their picture was enlarged to “Sneak Peak” view.

This part of the website seemed to be pretty dead, as most discussions had not been posted in well over a month.

It was also difficult to find our way back to the homepage as the entire site layout was different on this page.