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My father (Dr Robert Hadden, a GP in Portadown) had painted a bit in his youth.

Shift now into the main room, Room 1, with its complex ceiling structure.

The artist started with eight sheets of dibond (H 2440mm x W 1220mm) of the same substance.

Sound, both incidental and composed, underpins her works like a fourth dimension.

Although it has a number of familiar component parts, such as the large charcoal drawings, it is not like an exhibition produced by, for example, a painter, in which every work has a life of its own and can be separated from every other work on the walls.

With Mc Keever’s work it is the totality of the parts that is important, as she is creating an Installation which responds to the physical structure of the gallery, not only in terms of the length, breadth and height of its two main rooms (the walls the floor) but also in terms of the complicated physical construction of its ceiling.

He was trying to give an overview of the war from the points of view of professional writers, but his title acknowledged that the individual component parts were capable of being re-assembled in many different ways, and therefore capable of creating many different ‘Scenes’.

You, the audience, are currently looking at an exhibition by Sinead Mc Keever called .