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She messaged back and said that she would check them out. She sent me the names of some artists, one of which was Sufjan Stevens, who just so happens to be my 1st or 2nd all time favorite artist.

So we started talking about the staggering and soul-crushing beauty of his most recent album, Carrie and Lowell, which is about Stevens’ relationship with, and death of, his abusive mother.

It’s heavy, beautiful stuff, and it comprised our very first conversation.

Fittingly, our first date was at the Leonardo Museum, which at the time was hosting a Mummy exhibit.

that allowed me quite a bit of flexibility and freedom to write about whatever I well pleased.

I’ll start off by saying that I was definitely not looking to get married two years ago.

In fact I’d even say that I actively opposed the idea.

So even though I’d always made fun of these kinds of people, we got married within a year of meeting each other. I never wrote that article that I’d intended to write.

But when people heard how Alyson and I met, they made me promise that I’d go back and write something about it.