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U can be cute, charming, mysterious, bad boy, childish, mature and hot. One of the best young Korean actors to watch out for. You know oppa,your SMILE is the best that i like,just seeing it makes my problem away. Since you're in God of study and appeared in IU's MV, you're still so young, but the last time I saw you in secretly and greatly you have grown so much, and I see you not as a child anymore but as a man.. I promise I will keep watching for your upcoming dramas and movies, stay cool and keep mature ok, Ah I wanna meet you so bad...

BTW you are my favorite Korean actor and you have an amazing smile!! I wish and hope more and more dramas and movie will come to you.. I hope I can see u more in Drama series as the main character bc ur acting is great. I really really wanna call you Oppa, but unfortunately I'm older than you, hyun woo . :)it's okey...i hope you will add me as a your my emails:[email protected] bye:) HELLO,you look so cute.

I know countless inter-caste couples who have tried to convince their parents, failed and then gone ahead to get married anyway, leaving their parents’ home. In 100% of the cases, the parents’ accepted them within one year of getting married.* :) Blackmail? If that’s the tried, tested and fully working method, please help yourselves. :) *[Update: As pointed out by some readers, this requires some clarifications.

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The first thing I saw with you, was "To the beautifull you" and i fell in love with your acting. Having watched you in several dramas so far I have to say I'm impressed with the way you handle each role and I look forward to seeing a lot more of you in future works. I loved Moorim School so much I bought it so I can watch as often as I like. :) i hope you will role in a movie like "Northern Limit Line" again, such a great movie based on true story~ and i love all of your drama, aaah i can't move on since moorim school and now The Liar and His Lover.. he's a good actor..looking forward to your drama lovely love lie... and i was surprised that i was not the only one who said that he is better than min ho..

I love your dramas specially the "The Liar and His Lover." I love your voice, acting skill, and of course your smile. my god what a acting really i will impressed for u I really love your work. Anyway he is a really good actor but the thing is even when he is trying to act serious he looks so cute and you can just stare at him rather than his acting. i just read the other comments comparing his acting to min ho.. I think he is doing a good job of living up to the Nakatsu character standards Nakatsu character= the guy you love and want to be happy and end up with the girl, but you know he isn’t going to. S- I keep think about how much he looks like Hong ki i really love you oppa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For a very long time, the whole concept off casual dating was shunned and considered culture less by most people in India.If I could find the me of your age somewhere I’d have called myself a baby. If you have to take a stand that involves sacrificing someone’s happiness for someone else’s, whose happiness will you choose? Does that mean money is the only language that you can use – even with your closest family? But it gives you the mental strength and confidence to even believe that you can make your own decisions. If between the two of you you’re earning an amount which won’t allow for the maintenance of the same standard of living you currently enjoy – well, that’s a call you need to take.Well, on second thoughts there are people who’d still call me a baby and their number is more than two, but I digress again… In my experience of talking to, consoling and counselling scores of young people like you, I’ve observed that there are three golden rules of dealing with parents who are real tough nuts to crack, and I thought I’ll lay them down today, fuming as I am. And you have no idea about the power of that belief. Again, you need to choose the option that makes you the least unhappy: Option #1: Embark on a radically new life. Oppa...u r the best actor i have ever can light this whole world...u can make the hard core tough girls (like me) squeal like idiotic fan girls.....ur acting is AMAZING...fighting LEE HYUN WOO Congrats on your new drama, moo rim school, so happy to see you, you are a good actor, but am not happy when I learned that your drama will be cut short, due to misunderstanding between the producers and kbs. in the film To the Beautiful You're charming're super spectacular enchant me're way too beautiful and bisto that ... When I watched the movies/dramas with you in it I really like how you portray your role you're a really good actor. I'll be watching your future movies and I hope by that time you'll win the heart of the girl. back there ,,just keep up and your good at acting!!!! Great smile ~ i would give him the same nickname as Daesung from Bigbang... he lights up the screen with his innocence and energy. SARANGHAMNIDA LEE HYUN WOO OPPA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're too cute and you're really awesome.i admire u so much;))i hope we met im hoping for that day to come:)) you are so cool.i like you:) saranghae.shotomate, can you please add me at my facebook? XD ❤ He's so adorable and he always looks happy in that episode! You're so adorable, so carefully skilled on your role. .your so adorable i first saw you on Master of Study and your so kawaii!! Just watched "Equator Man" and enjoyed Lee Hyun-woo's character, he did a beautiful job of acting in his role. First saw him in "Return of Iljimae" and knew then that he would be a star. His character in this drama was played to perfection! keep trying hard, i'm sure that you'll be the next shining star of South Korea. They’re telling us about the loss of face in their respective societies that they’ll have to suffer if this marriage happens. We want to marry with those precious blessings only and we’re ready to wait till we get them. Will it not make you unhappy to irk your parents by marrying against their wish? Will it not make you unhappy to say goodbye forever to the person you love? Be selfish and choose the option that makes you the least unhappy, and then let go. In most cases they’ve either not started earning, or are still financially partly dependent on their parents.His parents even want dowry which my parents are unable to provide. On the average I get about three such queries every day and they make me sad and angry. I feel – what in the name of God are we doing to our younger generation? It’s not about choosing your boyfriend or girlfriend over your parents. If neither you nor your boyfriend/girlfriend is earning – work on that before working on anything else. i hope i could see you in person and have a picture with you ^____^ your music videos are amazing, the way you sang "ode to youth" and your movies especially to the drama series " to the beautiful you" and your movie "secretly, greatly"... My expectations are set up very high for this guy and I hope to see more of him in his next projects. I first saw you in TTBY last year and since then I have made it my mission to watch everything that you have been in! ^^ Hello Oppa Hyun Woo, Im Your Fan in The Philippines ^_^ your So Cute & Handsome, when i watched to the beautiful you & Man From the Equator, i was inspired ! =)) and i wish to go to Seoul Korea to see you =)) and i planned to a Korean Interpreter someday. i just wanted to say hi to this handsome man who always fills my day with joy when i see his picture... I really can't wait until ur bright future -Love Cing, P. Lee Hyun Woo is not just a great actor, but he's also an all-around well brought up actor. And one thing, i love your hobby,the sport SOCCER: D!! Lee Hyun Woo, you are my favourite actor in the whole world. i think your so busy now..i like your performance as little yushin in queen seon deok.. We are grateful to kbs for giving us good dramas and thru that we get to know and discover Korea better, nevertheless, we hope to see u acting in more dramas. Thanks, from Manila, Philippines He is my firtst love in kworld x D ! i love his act in secretly greatly especially, he's so cute and like an innocent boy there.. At episode two there is this young boy who got stab by his father in his heart with the artefact of the blue dragon.... ^^ To the beautiful you, hanazakarino Kimi 2007 n 2011.. at first i thought the other dude from da drama Master Of Study baek hyung was cute til i saw u. it's so difficult to search ur profile but my determination is up to the highest level and i know that soon maybe this year .. I pray and hope that it will be settled soon and have us see the entire drama run. your mouth, your eyes and enchant me toto are divine;) XD i hope the best for him, i hope he can play more characters as main role.. Love love love ~ ♥ I am just rewatching 'the legend'. And after searching i found out its really lee hyun woo!! i know i thought im the only who thought i'm the only one who knows that he looks like Lee Hong Ki and he kinda' acts like him too.......^^ when i first saw him in "to the beautiful you" i thought of Lee Hong Ki already....really cute i wanna see him do an AEGYO!!!!!! if i'm going to state here how much i love you , .. here's my email,[email protected]:)) im waiting for you.i can speak korean,a little because i want to commumicate with im hoping for it:))sayonara.i want you to be my friend you r so cute.... salang-hae i think dat is how u spell it in ur lang. since i watched ur korean dram titled "give me food" i spended 3 years just to find ur name ...