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I get tons of uninteresting mail, and system announcements about babies born, etc. 2) The amount of harm done by any of the cited "unfair" things the net has been used for is clearly very small.And if they have found any people any jobs, clearly they have done good.I personally think this is reasonable and think we should lend our support or otherwise be saddled with controls that will be a nuisance to everyone involved.Regards, Jake 10-MAY-78 -PDT,3281;000000000001 Mail-from: SU-AI rcvd at 7-MAY-78 2058-PDT Date: 2057-PDT From: MRC at SU-AI (Mark Crispin) Subject: MSGGROUP# 696 in reply to Jake's message about advertising To: Msg Group at USC-ISI Redistributed-To: [ISI] I agree with Jake about suppressing advertising for many of the same reasons as I disagreed with suppressing subjective messages about QUASAR.Even Msg Group is in this class; however inappropriate QUASAR is to Msg Group's intent (and it was inappropriate) I feel that any censorship can only lead to worse things later on.I am sure that DCA realizes this also; otherwise the ARPAnet would have been curbed long ago.If I had a job to offer, I would offer it to my friends first. Must I advertise in a paper in every city in the US with population over 50,000 and then go to all of them to interview, all in the name of fairness? Such a great insistence on fairness would destort everyone's lives and do much more harm than good.So I state unashamedly that I am in favor of seeing jobs offered via whatever.

Is that to be taken to mean that a person cannot establish contacts at another ARPAnet site and poke around about a possible position there? Allow me to point out that at times a job is created in order to have a particular person on the staff, and if that person is unavailable, the job won't exist.10-MAY-78 -PDT,1491;000000000001 Mail-from: SRI-KA rcvd at 5-MAY-78 1203-PDT Mail-from: SRI-KL rcvd at 5-May-78 0732-PDT Date: 1635-PDT From: Feinler at SRI-KL (Jake Feinler) Subject: MSGGROUP# 694 DEC Message To: DEC-MAIL-RECIPIENTS: Redistributed-To: [ISI]JAKE, YOU MAY HAVE RECEIVED THE MSG SENT OUT BY DEC ON MAY 1 ABOUT WHICH I HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED SEVERAL COMPLAINTS AS YOU CAN READILY IMAGINE.CAN YOU FORWARD THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE TO ALL ADDRESSES OF THE SUSPECT MESSAGE PLUS ALL HOST AND TIP LIAISONS?But if you disagree with them, as I do, why hand your opponents the victory on a silver platter?By the suggested reasoning, we should always follow the political views that we don't believe in, and especially those of terrorists, in anticipation of their attempts to impose them on us.I guess the ultimate solution is the command in your mail reading subsystem which deletes an unwanted message.-- Mark 1) I didn't receive the DEC message, but I can't imagine I would have been bothered if I have.This all seems worthy of examination by the Msg Group community, as it involves how electronic mail is to be used.Something else; I would greatly appreciate it if all comments about this make a distinction between ARPAnet mail and mail on another (possibly commercial) network.These are advertising of particular products and advertising for or by job applicants. and abroad that would like to have access to the Arpanet. Consequently if the ones that do have access can advertise their products to a very select market and the others cannot, this is really an unfair advantage.I would like to point out that there are good reasons (other than taking up valuable resources and the fact that some recipients object) for not permitting these kinds of messages. Likewise, if job applicants can be selected amongst some of the best trained around, or if the applicants themselves can advertise to a very select group of prospective employers, this is an unfair advantage to other prospective employees or employers who are not on the net.