Dating etiquette for older people

Place the bride's name first, "and" on the next line, and the groom's name on the following line.

Continue with "request the honor of your presence" or "request the pleasure of your company," depending if the wedding is held inside a church or at another venue.

If the bride's father has passed on or is unable to attend, her son or other male relative can walk her down the aisle.

Alternatively, the happy couple can walk down together or she can walk down by herself, as a symbol of her status as an independent woman.

Just because you're older, it doesn't mean that you can't have a wedding of your dreams.

Smaller centerpieces allow the guests visit with old friends across the table.

Arrange in advance for additional catering staff to serve elderly or mobility-impaired guests, or host a sit-down dinner.

Provide several main dish options for your guests, including poultry, pasta or vegetarian selections, and ask about food allergies.

Special plates are easy to order in advance, but once the dinner is in progress, it is difficult for the catering staff to prepare additional special meals without making your guests wait for their dinners.