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The new device, which Pocket-lint thinks is the Surface Phone, is codenamed Januss, and is thought to have three screens in total, two on the inside of the folding body and one on the outside, meaning that the phone can still be used when closed.

The source says that the format is not yet confirmed or locked down, so could still be changed by Microsoft prior to launch.

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Cnet reports that Microsoft Twitter expert Walking Cat, via Windows Latest, has uncovered details about the rumoured lower-cost Surface tablet that Microsoft is thought to be planning to launch this year.

Windows Central has posted images of a free-to-play racing game called Miami Street that is billed as being for “all” Windows 10 devices.

After investigating the app package metadata, Windows Central has found information that the game is not just for Windows PC, but also for the “Andromeda OS,” which is thought to be the operating system of the much-rumoured “Andromeda” folding Surface tablet.

“In fact, companies that promote collaborative working are five times as likely to be high-performing.” “There is a need for a device built for teams and designed for these new environments.

To help people collaborate whether they are in the office, at home, or travelling the world.