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It Premiered on the Showtime Network Jan 29th 2015.

Rolling Stone magazine called it "One of the top rock docs to see this summer".

Regina Russell (born August 2, 1973) is a former actress. She owned and operated Celebrity Closet Raiders, a clothing store on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood where she sold previously owned celebrity merchandise. He was wearing the same pin, necklace, had the hair. Thus leading to the nostalgia that this song creates. My friend's dead girlfriend came to me in this song, as I sat alone in the barn where she killed. enjoy and go foo I think the song is about the idea of capturing a moment, as well as an emotion, in time. Things change, circumstances change, and time changes attitudes.I honestly don't think it's too serious and about other people.I think it's about him having sex with a girl whose a virgin, maybe when he was younger and maybe they were losing their virginity together. I mean just try to understand it in a more simple way. And I don't think it matters what the song really means, It's about what it means to you and what you feel.I totally love this song.stuff.i first heard the song on the radio about a year ago, and then soon after found the acoustic version, which i believe is MUCH better...anyways as far as the meaning goes, my ex and i always concurred that it was about making love to your long-awaited partner..."breathe out, so i can breathe you in"..friggin sweet is that?like you breathe in the essence of your lover during, well, you know..what tj said a ways up, just the tremendous love between two people and how they "sing" in tons of different ways..grohl rules and so does everlong! If you listen closely to the beginning of the learn to fly video (where Tenacious D hide the drugs in the coffee machine) you'll hear Everlong in a funny variation. Does anybody know if there's a possibility to get that version? But the album version is the one I can listen to over and over. In addition to her numerous low budget films she also has several credits including Hook directed by Steven Spielberg and Hollywood Homicide co-starring Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett.Regina Russell is a film producer, director, television presenter, and actress. the thing that seems to sum it up is bueatiful flaws thaat's just how I see it. And it was amazing bc the song took on a whole new meaning when played before aurora, it become one of a "What if? like reading the greatest book ever with bent corners and torn pages. for anyone that was there, they played aurora second to last and then i beleive best of you.