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Professor of Philosophy and Psychology in Johns Hopkins University ; author of Hand- book of Psychology , Thought and Things ; editor of the Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology. Lecturer in Moral Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. Assistant Librarian and Instructor in Oriental Languages in Hartford Theological Semi- nary.

Macpherson, Baron Friedrich von Hiigel, Professor Lawlor, Professor Schaff, Abbot E. Butler, Professor Sanday, Professor Hillebrandt, Professor Seth, Professor Sorley, Professor Woodhouse, Principal Stewart, Professor Swete, and Colonel Waddell. It is not necessary to draw attention here to the series of comparative articles on such topics as Adoption, Adultery, Ages of the World, Altar, Ancestor- Worship, Anointing, Architecture, and Art. The important subject of cross-references is referred to on another page. How can due acknowledgment be made to all those who have been counsellors and colleagues, and have assisted so willingly to make the Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics an authoritative work of reference throughout the whole of its great and difficult field of study ? Premier of Canada ; and to the Chief of the Bureau of Ethnology of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, for the use of valuable books. Abravanel, Acosta, Adultery (Jewish), Architecture (Jewish), Art (Jewish). Header in Talmudic and Rabbmio Literature in the University of Cambridge ; formerly Senior Tutor in the Jews 5 College, London. The Encyclopaedia will thus embrace the whole range of Theology and Philosophy, together with the relevant portions of Anthropology, Mythology, Folk- lore, Biology, Psychology, Economics, and Sociology. It is a wide field, but its limits are clearly defined. E., Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal; to the Right Hon. After six years’ exacting labour this first volume goes forth in the earnest hope that it will be found worthy of a place among the rapidly increasing number of hooks devoted to the study of Religion and Ethics, and that it will help forward that study along the right lines. AUTHORS OF ARTICLES 1ST THIS VOLUME Abrahams (Israel), M. It may be due partly to a higher general standard of education, increasing the number of readers, and compelling teachers, whether they are writers or speakers, to * verify their references/ But it may be due also to the great increase of knowledge in our time. September 1959 [The Rights of Translation and of Reproduction are Reserved,] PREFACE ♦ There is at the present time an unusual demand for works of reference.