Dating anniversary ideas for couples

Many couples chose to renew their vows to each other on their twenty-fifth anniversary.If you chose to have a formal ceremony to commemorate the renewal of your vows a video display or pictures or movies taken over the twenty-five years would be a fun addition to the celebration which the guests would enjoy and that you would have as a keepsake for years to come.Jewelry by Anixi has a website that offers a large collection of handcrafted silver rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants for men and women at Andi Billow offers unique hand crocheted silver pieces as well as more traditional silver jewelry on her website

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Watch their video A Wedding, A Wheelchair and No Worries Palmer Harston Williams shares her love story and her creative ideas for planning a wheelchair accessible wedding. Marriage after 50 Years Two couples share the ups and downs of marriage after 50 years. Seeing Beyond the Disability Elizabeth Wampler stumbled into love with Steve, an adventurous sportsman with cerebral palsy (CP).Sheypuk is a clinical psychologist who specializes in dating, relationships and sexuality among people with disabilities. Find out what clicked to get him dating and, ultimately, finding love. Bridget's Practical Advice for Finding "The One" When Bridget Houlihan became interested in George, she asked him out.Read Bridget and George’s love story Bridget’s Top 5 Dating Tips for People with Disabilities Bridget’s Top 5 Tips for Dating Someone with a Disability #Ask Easter Seals Q&A on Romantic Relationships with Autism We had a great Twitter chat about finding love with autism.Silver is certainly an appropriate choice for the twenty-fifth anniversary symbols as silver is recognized as a symbol of faith and purity.Silver jewelry is the first twenty-fifth anniversary gift that comes to mind and there are lots of types of silver jewelry gifts to choose from.Our free webinar addresses questions on how to identify and meet the emotional needs of your partner and more. Long-Distance Romance Sara Heidenheimer shares how she and her husband kept the love and respect for each other strong through his four tours of duty while in the U. Bonding Over Disability and Then Some Shayne and Kristen have been friends since they were 3 years old, connecting over school, movies and even their shared disability. A Nurse and Friend Ben Trockman finds independence while being cared for by his nurse and friend. A Sister's Love Mary Sykes gives a first-hand account on caring for her sister who has Down syndrome. Brothers and Sisters First-hand quotes from brothers with sisters who are living with disabilities such as Down syndrome.Read these touching quotes on siblings who have disabilities.The Silver Gallery also offers a large selection of silver and sterling silver trays both traditional and modern. Edinburgh Silver Gifts has many silver dishes, bowls, candlesticks, salt and peppers, and napkin holders as well as silverware and silver frames and clocks to choose your twenty-fifth anniversary gift from. Speaking of silver clocks, check out the “Wall Clock Store” at a collection of unique wall clocks.If a watch is your choice of a silver gift there are men’s and women’s, wrist and pocket watches on the “Silver Messages” website There are also some very nice men’s silver and diamond ear studs and silver business card and CD holders among other silver gift ideas on the “Silver Messages” site. Iris is Greek for rainbow referring to the variety of colors of the iris blooms.The iris is not only loved for its flowers but prized for the perfumes made from the plants’ roots.