Database cleaning updating

First we need to free up some space by deleting redundant data. Over time, this can eat a lot of space in the database with surprisingly few workstations. Delete all of these like this: This removed 90% of the data in the database (several million rows) for me and did not affect WSUS operation or administration, apart from to speed up certain administration views which used old event data.

If you are concerned, and have the means, it would be prudent to back this file up first.

This was after a couple of years of use with maybe 50 PCs - so a fairly small site.

The database in WSUS is an embedded SQL Server database (SQL Server Express).

WSUS is both a very useful beast and a wild one: It allows you to manage a huge number of Windows workstations to keep your PCs updated and your network secure, yet it itself can be quite hard to manage.

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Doing regular clean ups allow you to reduce your database size which means quicker and smaller backup files.It is now effectively full of holes and needs defragging.Do this: The next day, you should find you have a file on disk that is approximately the same size you told Management Studio to shrink it to. Check you can connect to it from the WSUS admin tool.In this article, we will show you how to clean up Word Press database.As you use Word Press, your database accumulates a lot of extra data such as revisions, spam comments, trashed comments, data from plugins you are no longer using, and more.Your mileage may vary and it is worth persevering until you find an appropriate working version.You can now connect to the WSUS file by opening SQL Server Management Studio and entering in to the "Server" box: Use "Windows Authentication".By this point, you will hopefully have recovered a few gig of disk space.In my case, I still had the problem of the WSUS Database itself being 30Gb.Follow the steps here to deselect updates you don't ever want and remove all updates from disk.By removing all updates from disk and running a reset, it will start downloading those updates again; this delete is nothing to worry about.