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Throughout his filming career he has played in more then 22 different films. The first time I saw it, I laughed so hard that I nearly peed myself.Dane Cook DOES voice someone in it I just don't know who he voices, because in the commercials it says he's in the movie..... Some people find him to be hilarious, while others the opposite. However, I don't think Dane is the funniest..swears a LOT on his jokes that all I can say he swears like a sailor.Cameras were out and the bloggers are always watching. Read Full Story Fascinating article about Dane Cook’s speedy ascent to the top of stand-up comedy, and the brewing resentment against him from other comedians.Some claim Dane is more of a performer than a joke-teller, and that he actually borrows some of his quotes from prior comedians (a claim which Cook denies).Dane Cook Parents are George F Cook (Father), Donna Jean Ford (Mother).

In 2017 his American Gods tv show Dane Cook as Robbie, Shadow's best friend.um look i want to tell you before someone tells you the wrong way.you really don't smell to good today...hopefully that person would understand.EDIT: I heard that he is the "punk" who, the one with the blue Mohawk, that is shouting "YEAH! I find him very funny, but alot of people find him to be too raw. Especially in Vicious Circle when talking about arguing with girlfriends. Look at you, you mother****er, sitting there eating your cup of ****ing noodles. Dane Cook has: Played himself in "Entertainment Tonight" in 1981. Played himself in "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in 1986.He also steals some material from other comics; that's a fact, not just my opinion.yes, and I recomend you watch the act by Dane Cook entitled Dane Cook: Vicious Circle. Played Himself - Interviewed by Majorette in "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in 1992. -Katrina Wood Also David's brother Adam (RIP Adam) is married to my cousin Kendra Cohen Cook.He is best known for his "Retaliation" comedy CD, which became the highest charting comedy album in 28 years.Check out the latest Dane Cook quotes, pictures, jokes, and articles here.Greta Gerwig takes the stage while being honored alongside fellow directors Jordan Peele, Guillermo del Toro, Christopher Nolan and Paul Thomas Anderson on Tuesday during the Santa Barbara Film Festival.Sally Hawkins and Richard Jenkins come out to support their director Guillermo del Toro, who was honored with the medallion for outstanding directorial achievement in feature film for The Shape of Water, at the 70th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards.I actually think Dane is getting [...]Read Full Story The DVD is out, we should watch and log some new ones...btw, what did people think of Tourgasm anyway? A little too much reality TV and not enough comedy for my taste.Read Full Story Dane Cook (born March 18, 1972) is a funny, funny man.