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The challenge is to stick stuff to as many people as you can without their noticing. It doesn’t matter whether you are a great singer or terribly off-key.The person to put the most stickers on people wins. You or your guy can start the game by singing a line from a song, and then the other should be able to quickly pick up the last word and start a new song with that last word, and the game goes on.You take turns by saying, “Never have I ever done…” and you say some random activity that you’ve never experienced.If your partner sips or eats from his drink, that means he’s already done that thing you mentioned.One sip means “yes,” and two sips means “no.” You take turns after the answerer is finished with the drink.

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While you can always talk about random stuff, fiddle with your phones, or just watch people pass by, there’s always a fun and exciting thing that you can do to pass the time—try these games to play with your boyfriend!

Another version of the previous game is “True or False,” which is also speedier.

One of you will tell the other some piece of personal information, and the other has to guess if it’s true or false.

In this game, each of you will need to have a paper, pen, and some coloring materials.

You should each visualize the aura of the other, and then draw their spirit animal. Then, when both of you are done, show your work to each other and explain why you drew what you drew.