Cougar dating billboard draws controversy

Now they are done biting their tongues: They are sick of people making assumptions about their personal sex life, they are sick of getting hate mail, and they are especially worried about what they see as a growing censorship crisis in the U. "People think that if they eradicate Ashley Madison, they'll eradicate infidelity," Biderman says.

"Companies like Google and Microsoft are playing Big Brother and they're not telling you what you're doing.

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Because of his site's impressive growth--Ashley Madison has 8.5 million members and at least 12 million monthly visitors, making it, Biderman believes, the fastest growing social network after Facebook--Biderman was content to just accept that people hated him.

But then media giants like Facebook, Google, ABC and Fox went after his businesses, refusing his ads, pulling his Super Bowl commercials and even blocking Facebook messages containing "Ashley " story described Biderman as "possibly evil").

But lately, Biderman has been fighting a battle on several fronts, trying to protect his other properties' ability to advertise as Ashley Madison ads are systematically yanked off TV and the Web.

Since Biderman, 39, took out a billboard in Beverly Hills advertising the cheating site in 2007, he's become both a de facto expert on infidelity and a scapegoat for failed marriages.

And getting lambasted in public is only good for business: When Sean Hannity attacked him on-air last spring, Ashley Madison received 20,000 hits per second and nearly crashed.

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Cougar dating billboard draws controversy