Consolidating student loans from aes

Navient has also been fined millions for violating laws about how much interest it could charge active-duty military service members.Navient isn’t the only servicer that has been sued.AES/PHEAA services a little more than 25% of payments, while Navient services a little less than 25%.But those percentages are only for federal student loans.

1, 2018 to March 15, 2018, downloading the results, sorting them by company and counting the number of complaints for each company.

Within that category, the biggest problems related to how payments were handled and to receiving bad information about loans.

The third-largest problem consumers experienced was not agreeing with fees charged. 1 and March 15, 2018, borrowers filed 1,772 complaints about student loans.

Anyone can view this information at the CFPB’s website.

Sample Complaint from the CFPB Database The Student Loan Report (SLR), a student loan news site, used the CFPB’s database to determine which student loan companies were the most complained about in 2017.