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These services not only help firms report accurately, but provide suitable systems, controls, and analytics to improve their reporting over time.Una Vista is closely monitoring the advances of the CAT proposal and intends to offer services that will help firms manage and support their reporting obligations.

Under the CAT NMS plan, broker-dealers and members of exchanges will be required to report order, quotes, trades, and account details to the CAT processor on a daily basis.

Una Vista can support the allocation and maintenance of LEIs via the Una Vista LEI Allocation platform and the LEI Data Management Tool.

Reconciliation Una Vista provides reconciliation services that allow firms to qualify the integrity of their reported CAT data, pre-submission and post-submission, to the CAT Processor.

Morgan Stanley will also post these tax forms to the Documents section within your Stock Plan Connect account; from there, you can select “All Types” or “Tax Documents.” Domestic participants will receive separate 1099-Bs for the following transactions: You can find an explanation for how to calculate cost basis on p.

4 of the “Tax Filing Basics for Stock Plan Transactions” guide.

Consolidating information in option transactions