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Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) was founded on 16 December 1937.

European EMC Products offer full turnkey, integrated engineering solutions to all of our clients.

With all operations centred at one location, the logistics of co-ordinating and consolidating a project becomes much more simplified.

We discuss the measurement of distribution-centre performance, and the information required to manage a DC.

This is a major global organisation offering a range of services, such as tax reporting, accounting and auditing and technology and security risk in 700 locations in 140 countries around the world.

It serves central bureaus within UNDP to ensure cost and time efficiency, required compliance and added value to clients.

The bureaus identify procurement needs and make decisions, while CPU provides procurement services and guides the client through the process and decides on the best sourcing strategy.

With a dynamic and expanding portfolio of services, PSU is committed to helping business units to not only secure the goods and services they need but also to sustain the procurement qualifications and competencies they need to empower communities and build resilient nations.

The Central Procurement Unit (CPU), based in New York, provides procurement support services for UNDP business units by centrally coordinating all procurement transactions over K.