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“The problem is that most men have no clue how to differentiate between the two, nevertheless walk that fine line between them.” The problem, says Xuma, is that there definitely is some overlap between alpha male traits and jerk characteristics.

But ultimately a guy can only be one or the other, he says.

This is much more important than any individual signal.

Dating Tip 2: Look for the priority body language signals – Make eye contact!

Tinder syncs up with its users’ Facebook accounts to find prospects.

It tells you all about it and what you need to do to prep up your FB.“An alpha male could care less what other people think about him,” he says. A jerk could care less what other people think about him. The difference is the alpha male’s nonchalance about what others think springs from a solid foundation of self-confidence.He doesn’t care what others think because he likes himself and knows that if someone else doesn’t like him, it is the other person’s problem.A jerk, on the other hand, doesn’t care what other people think because he is selfish and knows exactly why other people don’t like him — because he is unlikable.” Differences like this are what Xuma points out in his new report on guys' dating tips.In addition, he also shows men how to ditch the jerk characteristics they might have and focus on the alpha male traits they have within them.Xuma has also been a dating expert and attraction adviser for more than 10 years and has spent years teaching hundreds of men important dating skills, such as how to flirt with girls, how to pick up women, and dating tips.For more information, visit Carlos Xuma's website at This is the kiss of death.” But, Carlos also says, it’s the fastest and simplest thing for any man to fix.And the results will create a powerfully attractive presence to any woman he meets.If she’s looking at a guy and locking eyes, and he’s making strong eye contact back, this will create attraction.Dating Tip 3: Demonstrate strong “Alpha” body language – It’s easy to forget that if a guy is too busy reading another person’s signals, he won’t be focused on demonstrating confidence himself.

Carlos xuma s dating tips for guys