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By default, each time your application executes a piece of code, this code is run on the same thread as the application itself.This means that while this code is running, nothing else happens inside of your application, including the updating of your UI.

When work is completed the Rad Progress Bar shows the full Progress. Hello all, I am using Microsoft visual C 8 for development. I am trying to show a progress bar while my process is going on.i.e loading images.., while this progress is under process minimize the current application and maximize the progress bar is not working properly that means application shows blank area. visual C will make a new thread for you application to run in, this means your code and the UI will run in this thread. Without knowing your code and from what you posted I take it that you are loading the images in your main or UI thread.So, to sum up, the Do Work event takes care of all the hard work.All of the code in there is executed on a different thread and for that reason you are not allowed to touch the UI from it.This is all a bit cumbersome, but not when you use the Background Worker.When performing a task on a different thread, you usually have to communicate with the rest of the application in two situations: When you want to update it to show how far you are in the process, and then of course when the task is done and you want to show the result.call this function in for loop in loading images function. Set Pos(count); this code is used to update progress bar. Implement Back Ground Worker threads to solve this problem.Please help me to implement Back Ground Worker threads in VC . For this you need to understand multi-threading and how it effects your program.Your UI is updated when the program is not doing anything, this is a complicated but very efficient system build in to windows that tests if your interface needs to be updated (redrawn to the screen).