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Here, Urie talks about the band’s creative process following the departure of founding members Ryan Ross and Jon Walker (who formed the Young Veins), Panic! Though they’re familiar to our first and second records, these new songs couldn’t fit on those two records. Aristotle has this Biblical list that’s tied in with themes of human behavior that we’ve been noticing in ourselves. It’s about our changes in self-esteem and the changes of growing up.’s upcoming tour, and the personal meaning of the LP’s title, Vices and Virtues. Probably “Sarah Smiles,” which is about my girlfriend, actually, as sappy as that is. We’ve always wanted to mess around with new ideas, arrangements, and instruments. What was the hardest thing about writing the new album without two of Panic! We had always written with the four of us, so it was a matter of coming out of that comfort zone.“I thought it was a really beautiful line, but I’m definitely not as thirsty anymore, not as youthful... Fame, all that s**t, is a by-product of the things I really care about.” Urie is speaking over the phone from his home in LA, not too long after a mind-boggling performance at the BBC’s Biggest Weekend in Swansea, where the band performed tracks off the upcoming album plus a storming rendition of Queen‘s “Bohemian Rapsody” – a track Urie has been serenading fans with for the past four years.He’s excited about the upcoming film starring Rami Malek, and despite his theatre background, says he wasn’t tempted to audition.He is famous known as the lead vocalist of Panic, he is the sole remaining member. Brendon Urie wife has many followers on Twitter under her name is Hello Sarah Urie.His is the youngest son of his family , Brendon Urie has four sisters. His career began when he met Brent Wilson, while he has started his guitar class. He can play multiple instruments like bass, cello, drums, organ.oh btw i heard he and sarah broke up..i saw picutres of them dancing at his sisters wedding on buzznet??

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“My despair at the current state of the world, and wanting to reflect back on my childhood...” the 31-year-old explains.

Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs is definitely one of our favorite new records. ’ They dealt with self-deprecation, pride, subversion, manipulation, but some good stuff too: self-expression, honesty.

I was looking at the lyrics, thinking, ‘What are the main themes here?

Along with his band, Brendon released the debut album titled A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out on September 27, 2005, via record label Decaydance / Fueled by Ramen.

The album got the certification of Platinum in Australia, UK, and USA. In 2006, Brendon appeared in a short musical movie Panic at the Disco-Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off for his role as a lead vocalist.