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And she also acknowledges the necessity of having help amidst the change: “My decision making is different than a lot of people because, well, my mortgage is paid.

I still get to go on a sunny vacation each year.” She explained. She has a unique perspective, and is profoundly honest.

She was raised with little, in financial terms, and put herself through school. She is carrying more weight these days, as a mother, as a wife, as a woman who changed careers because of instinct.

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“I was unhappy,” She explains, “and not in like a boo-hoo, woah is me kind of way, but I was like fuck! ” April’s eyes were wide as she talked about her transition from interior to fashion design.I am clever at surviving everything from travel to mean girls to a night out.First clever move is quickly finding people way more clever than you, which is how I would describe all my closest friends and my husband. Although I love scheming and living in the gray, I can be very black and white.It could have been so easy for her to continue to build the mysterious allure that is April Pride, to breeze past the fact that she is fortunate enough to have a supportive partnership with her husband.She easily could have taken all of the credit, and made herself appear even more inaccessible.While her firm was finding enormous success, taking on new projects and providing a solid foundation for her family, something was missing.And she found it in a dress – a thirty-year-old hand me down that somehow fit every occasion and every body.And it’s true – until you get to know her, it’s easy to look at her talent, her success, her beauty, her charm, and assume she’s impenetrable. But she’s also a total goofball spaz who admits to tripping over herself regularly. I am less black and white smart but outstanding in the gray, which makes me clever.Not at everything but if you could choose one thing to have on a deserted island, I would be a good pick whether you want to launch an escape or an empire.“I raised a huge amount of money for an elephant in Kenya – and when I handed that check over, it was actually the proudest moment of my life.”Kirsten is a woman with innumerable angles – alongside every woman I have ever prematurely judged.It’s a continued lesson, to keep an open mind instead of categorizing a person because of the facts you might have about them.