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The other night my girlfriend and I watched the lesbian show at Suzie Wongs.We bar-fined one of the hottest girls from the show, who we had just seen sticking her tongue and fingers up another girls ass, took her back, had a good night of fun….

Most ‘non-working’ girls would freak out to have your girl friend try to hit on them at a regular hours club.This is what I mostly did with my Uni girlfriend – a lovely procession of 19-20 year old bi Uni students…..while my current bi girlfriend has 4-5 friends from her home that she wants me to still meet.This is by far the best way to land that dream threesome where everything (and I mean everything) is going on.“I actually didn’t know that there are so many women,” says Jan Heemskerk, “who read Playboy because they […] Do you have a bisexual ass? Do you want to become such a good lover so that you know more about women’s bodies then they do?How much does vast majority of women and men know about female orgasms? And I […] Bisexual Celebrities – Celeb ladies: Why all the girl-on-girl talk? She’s been my official girlfriend for almost 3 weeks.This is pretty much awesome tips for bisexual girls!Have you ever wanted to […] I am not sure if you have read the All Women Are Bisexual Book from Mistress X,…And according to a new survey from the sex toy company Adam and Eve, 30 percent of women have done just […] I Cannot Stop Thinking of Having Sex With Another Woman ! although my husband has not demanded to sleep with any potential partners, he does […] We had no idea. Even today, when being a member of the LGBTQ community is more accepted, there are still stars who will do anything to cover up their sexual orientation. I’ve found an informative article about what are the secrets of lesbian when it come to sex? “The biggest misconception about lesbians is that we ‘scissor’ each other,” says Jane,* a 28-year-old photographer, “heads at opposite ends, […] If you’re someone who doesn’t get off from penetration alone, congratulations, you’re among the 82 percent of women who can’t orgasm just because a penis or dildo is inside them. In order to help yourself […] Here’s an awesome orgasm story from My boyfriend and I have known each other and have been hooking up for almost two years now.That’s their choice, and we absolutely don’t fault them for it. I am the type of girl who is unable to orgasm through penetration alone. Actually, […] The Dutch edition of Playboy magazine has released a special edition for lesbians.I had a conversation with my boyfriend a while ago about how I had never […] Grabbing another nice post from Our group is large, and lots of conversations are going on. An aunt sitting a few seats away loudly asks: “Ariel, how many lesbians are there in the world? “The Lesbian Issue” is being made by and for lesbians. From my point of view ALL WOMEN ARE BISEXUAL, and here are a couple of interesting videos and an article that will make you think about this interesting FACT!The editor-in-chief of the Dutch edition of Playboy is pleasantly surprised by the idea. Psychologist John Buss […] I recently found an amazing article about how women got aroused equally by heterosexual and bisexual porn, once more proving that ALL WOMEN ARE BISEXUAL! Heterosexual and bisexual porn are all cool but lesbian porn was also equally arousing than heterosexual and bisexual porn for all women! I am sure […] Did you know that there are SO MANY types of female orgasm?!