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The European governments are also being reminded that they must comply with the 19 resolutions of the European parliament endorsing and supporting the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations.

Lira Dalangin: How did you react then when you learned about the forthcoming terrorist label, freezing of funds, etc?

At other times, I thought that he had a good estimate of the strength and morale of the revolutionary movement whenever he said that the US scheme would only exacerbate the civil war in the Philippines.

He also said that taking me out of Europe and out of the negotiations would be to sabotage the negotiations.

A news report at the website quoted you as identifying Speaker Jose de Venecia as being the one who had disclosed the US plot to scuttle the talks as early as last year.

You talked of the same matter in your opening statement in a press conference, Sept.

I think that the NDFP is ready for serious negotiations and is likewise ready for terminating them if necessary.

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You understand my point because you are a journalist and you know that discreet sources of information cannot be identified publicly. He said that he was warning the NDFP about the US scheme and was proposing as a way out of that malicious scheme that the NDFP sign soon a final peace agreement drafted within two or three months.

The Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Mangagawa (RPM-P), or Revolutionary Worker’s Party (Philippines), was founded in 1998 with this document as one of its references.

Most of the 1998 Congress’ documents are available in English, but the only version we have presently of this one is in Tagalog.

In an interview, de Venecia confirmed he warned you about the CPP's inclusion in the state department's list of foreign terrorist organizations.

But he denied mentioning other details you cited in your September 18 statement. Did he also tell you who his source was in the state department about the information?