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Presenting and publishing your results has never been easier or looked this good.Create customized reports with Sigma Plots Report Editor or embed your graphs in any OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) container word processors, Microsoft Power Point or another graphics program.Create stunning slides, display your graphs in reports or further customize your graphs in drawing packages.

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You get compelling, publication-quality charts and graphs in no time.Export your graphs ashigh-resolution, dynamic Web pages not simple GIF or JPEG files.Viewers can explore data used to create vector graphs and zoom, pan or print images at any resolution directly from a Web Browser.For example you might want to add Notebook Save, Close All, Refresh Graph Page and Modify Plot.Graph creation starts with Sigma Plots award-winning interface.And select anti-aliasing to display jaggy-free smooth lines that can be used in your Power Point Save all of the attributes of your favorite graph style in the Graph Style Gallery.Add greater speed and efficiency to your analysis by quickly recalling an existing graph type you need and applying its style to your current dataset.But, remember, you dont necessarily need to use the power of the Graph Gallery since every graph in Sigma Plot is a template.In the Notebook Manager, you can copy and paste a graph from one worksheet to another and all the attributes of that graph are applied to the new data saving much time.Sigma Plot offers the flexibility to customize every detail of your graph.You can add axis breaks, standard or asymmetric error bars and symbols; change colors, fonts, line thickness and more.