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Some of these figurines depict elegant, slender women, others heavy, corpulent ones.

Of five found at Buret, one is unusual in that it is of a clothed woman wearing a one-piece trouser suit with a hood attached to it comparable to those still worn by present-day Eskimos.

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The Bronze Age culture on Fergana’s western border is associated with settlers living in large houses grouped to form settlements of considerable size.

In recent years Paleolithic sites have been discovered south of Samarkand, and rock paintings have been found at Zaraut Say (Zaraut Stream) in the Babatag Range, 50 miles east of Termiz, and in the Shakty Caves in the Pamirs. Those in the Shakty Cave are the older and include a man disguised as a bird and other men wearing skins and shooting at wild oxen with bows and arrows.

The invention of the bow is ascribed to the 10th millennium Afanasyevskaya, Andronovo, and Karasuk, so called after the villages near which each culture was identified.

at Pazyryk and neighbouring sites, such as Katanda, Shibe, and Tuekt, were isolated from external climatic variations by a protective layer of ice that conserved the organic substances buried in them.

At Pazyryk these included the bodies of horses and an embalmed man whose body was covered with textiles recovered from the Pazyryk burials include the oldest woollen knotted-pile carpet known, the oldest embroidered Chinese silk, and two pieces of woven Persian fabric (State Hermitage Museum, St. Red and ochre predominate in the carpet, the main design of which is of riders, stags, and griffins.